Coming Up With a Plan: Venezuela Energética

They can imprison a man but not his ideas. Leopoldo López has been behind bars for over three years. Declared a thought prisoner by Amnesty International and by the very judge who sentenced him, he kept his thinking fresh and untainted by injustice from the solitude of his cell. His books were confiscated. He wrote on walls that were painted over and used his over 80 court hearings to take what he wrote out of jail in secret. He wrote on sheets of paper later seized by guards. He wrote on his wife and mother, literally, so they could carry his ideas out of prison. The guards made them undress and erased the words with alcohol and cotton. Yet somehow, Lilian and Antonieta managed to extract it all, sometimes learning it by memory, sometimes as tiny bits of paper in their hair or chewing gum. It all got to Gustavo Baquero, a brilliant industrial engineer from UCAB, with a master’s degree from the IE Business School in Madrid and studies in the John F. Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University.