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“From Russia to China to Venezuela, you are seeing relentless crackdowns, vilifying legitimate dissent as subversive. ...We stand in solidarity with those who are detained at this very moment.  In Venezuela, Leopoldo Lopez; in Burundi, Pierre-Claver Mbonimpa; in Egypt, Ahmed Maher; in China, Liu Xiaobo; and now Ilham Tohti; in Vietnam, Father Ly.  And so many others.  They deserve to be free.  They ought to be released.”
“Since voluntarily surrendering on Feb. 18, Mr. López has been held in isolation on a military base. Now he is undergoing a trial that can only be described as farcical.”
“Mr. López’s trial, which began in July, is a travesty.”
“Every American Should Take Interest in Leopoldo Lopez's Fate”
“"López has become the poster boy for Venezuela's street protests and a hero for opposing President Nicolás Maduro. …  His arrest and persecution have made him arguably the country's most prominent political prisoner.””
“His case should follow the principle of a fair trial. If there are reasonable charges to file, they must be submitted immediately, or you must release him.”
“The charges brought against... López smack of a politically motivated attempt to silence dissent. Venezuelan authorities must either present solid evidence to substantiate the charges against López or release him immediately and unconditionally.”
“[López is] the most prominent face of the opposition, driving thousands of Venezuelans into the streets to protest against food shortages, a stagnant economy, widespread crime and an increasingly encroaching socialist government.”
“The arrest of Leopoldo Lopez... raise[s] special concern. This situation constitutes the criminalization of the political activities of opposition groups, which is unacceptable in a democratic society.”